Dear respected colleagues,

The 17th International Symposium on Blood Substitutes & Oxygen Therapeutics (XVII-ISBS-2019) will be held in November 21 - 23, 2019 in Nara, Japan. Experts from China and Japan will co-host the symposium. In the meantime, the 26th Annual Meeting of the Society of Blood Substitutes, Japan, will be held. On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to warmly welcome researchers and business friends from all over the world who are engaged in R&D of blood substitutes and related fields to participate in this symposium.

Our programs will include traditional and new topics related to blood substitutes, oxygen therapeutics, and artificial cells, etc. Specifically, we expect to include substitutes for RBC and platelets, plasma expanders, coagulation factors and growth factors of blood cells, iPS- and ES-derived artificial blood cells, preclinical and clinical evaluations, basic sciences on tissue oxygenation and gas biology, mechanism of adverse reactions, new applications, design of clinical trials, industrial activities and regulatory sciences of blood substitutes, and others. In addition, considering the fact that blood substitute research is one important part of modern transfusion medicine, the organizing committee decided to expand the topics. The programs will cover the new concepts on clinical transfusion, new technologies, new experiences, new development trends and related basic research, updates and perspectives on transfusion related infectious and non-infectious risks, and related basic research, pre-clinical evaluation on pharmacological, toxicological, hemodynamic, and pharmacokinetic studies of various products.

Nara was the capital of ancient Japan from 710 to 784 AD. The conference venue is in the middle of Nara Park near several UNESCO World Heritage sites (Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara) including Kasugataisha-shrine, Todai-ji, and Kohfuku-ji, where sacred wild deer will also welcome you.

We look forward to your attendance in Nara to make this event a success.

Best regards,

Honorary President
Co-Executive Presidents
Thomas M.S. Chang Hiromi Sakai Chengmin Yang Hiroshi Azuma Jiaxin Liu
Thomas M.S. Chang
(McGill Univ., Canada)
Hiromi Sakai
(Nara Med. Univ., Japan)
Chengmin Yang
(IBT, Chin. Acad. Med. Sci., China)
Hiroshi Azuma
(Asahikawa Med. Univ., Japan)
Jiaxin Liu
(IBT, Chin. Acad. Med. Sci., China)

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